Be Safe Online

At Pentre’ r Graig we want you to be safe online and offline!

Be safe – never give out personal information – name, age, address, passwords etc.

Be safe – never arrange to meet anyone you have met online unless you take your mum or your dad with you.

Be safe – never open an attachment unless you know where it is from.

Be safe – never send your photograph to anyone you do not know.

Be safe – always tell an adult if you find something online that upsets you, including messages that have been sent to you.

You can download a copy of the e-safety policy by clicking the link below

Pentre’ r Graig e-safety policy


Enjoy your time on the internet in a safe manner and remember there are other things that you can also do: such as read a good book; play with their friends; spend time with family and participate in sport.

The following are some useful websites with information about keeping safe online

Visit Childnet’s Kidsmart website to play interactive games and test your online safety knowledge. You can also share your favourite websites and online safety tips by Joining Hands with people all around the world.

Childnet is a non-profit organisation working with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children.  This link will take you to the primary age website.

Thinkuknow has a wide range of activities and advice for all the family.  It has been set up by the National Crime Agency under the abbreviation CEOP – Child Exploitation and Online Protection command.

Stay-Safe is a website hosted by the BBC on the CBBC platform.  It is aimed at primary aged children and teenagers and has  a wealth of information available in the form of videos and web pages.